About Us

Started in 2015 when we opened our first restaurant, Copper Lounge, in Hazel Grove, Stockport. Leading from there, we opened Hitchki in 2020 and our 3rd restaurant Patrao in 2022. The three of us from Mumbai, Goa & Delhi had one thing in mind: Bringing flavours from our hometowns under one roof. Being rooted in India, we emphasise traditional and ancient Indian Cooking. We want to provide a new experience and change the generic curry house experience with service, best wines and local ales.

Our Passion

We have a passion for food, which drives us to work day in and out. We love what we do because it allows our creativity to flow freely while bringing people together through great-tasting dishes from all over India!

Experience Our Food

Sitting down and tucking into something delicious is one of life's simplest pleasures. It's well known that food feeds the body and soul - food can inspire us, comfort us, satisfy us, and make us feel good. Our menu is packed full of delicious dishes that have been thoughtfully designed by our talented chefs.


Indulge in a restaurant experience that you'll never forget. We've curated and created the most unique, on-trend, and premium dining experiences in Cheadle. Treat yourselves, your family, friends and work colleagues to lasting memories over delicious mouth-watering food and drink.